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World of Turtle is an engaging Sokoban-style puzzle game featuring comical and colorful graphics. Embark on a thrilling adventure through 100 levels of mind-bending challenges, collecting fruits, and reaching the helicopter landing zone. Beware of cunning crocodiles and treacherous waters as you navigate as a turtle who can't swim!


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Steam Reviews

πŸ‘ Great indie game, fun puzzles that gets harder (wasn't able to finish all of them yet haha) !
πŸ‘ Really fun puzzle game, If you are a fan of puzzle games you will most likely love this. Nice music too!
πŸ‘ This game is exactly what it looks like. If you can get past that, the puzzles are pretty decent. Early puzzles are too easy, but puzzles in the middle of the game have some good challenge to them. There are a number of red herrings in the level design, so keep that in mind - some levels are far easier than they first appear. I'd be hesitant to get this game for $10 (since that's the same cost as Sokobond), but if you want to grab a silly indie puzzle game - and you know what you're in for - there's fun to be had here.
πŸ‘ It’s a cute logic puzzle game in cartoon style. The goal is to collect all fruits and reach the helicopter-landing zone. Gameplay/Walkthrough (Levels 1-50 of 100): There are 100 unique levels with increasing difficulty. What makes the puzzle so invigorating is that every level adds new objects and mechanics. Enjoy and train your brain! You'll feel proud of yourself after completing the game.
+ Funny turtle.
+ Great music.
+ 100 interesting, brilliantly constructed levels.
+ Different mechanics.
+ Nice, relaxing gameplay.
+ Decent difficulty.
+ For players of all ages.
- High price (need a discount).            
Note: The game's cost on Steam was reduced since those reviews.


  • 100 levels spread across 10 stages
  • Breakable blocks, ice blocks, transporting turtles, rolling carpet, crocodile, penguins, gorillas
  • Your progress gets saved
  • 5 passes to skip levels, regain them by replaying skipped levels
  • One song per stage and a Jukebox to play unlocked songs
  • Gamepad support
  • AZERTY and QWERTY/Z keyboards supported
  • Walkthrough coming soon
  • Exciting bonus at the end


Korea, French, English

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